What People Say
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The reviews and feedback for Social Goodness have been superb. A sample of what people say below.
If you have read it and found it interesting, enlightening, insightful, enjoyable (and any other good thing) please do leave a review on Amazon, link here.

“Social Goodness: the fate of the world depends on it.” 

Karthiga Ratnam , Co-founder of The Content Experience Company & Co-host of Pandemic Punditry

“Claire Burdett explains, with copious examples, why businesses need to embrace Social Goodness – and why it makes financial sense.” 

Nick Hixson , Director of Hixsons & Associate of The Peter Drucker Society 

“Easily digestible, insightful and thought provoking. With our digital world it has become increasingly more apparent and in some cases urgent that we need to be inclusive and friendly and careful with our choices of services and providers. Social Goodness really sets this stage, with good case studies, I really like the last chapter with ideas and takeaways, it is a pithy text.

Recommended for brand business owners and leaders.”

Rebecca Crabtree, Owner and Managing Director at Wild Apple Design

“I thoroughly loved reading this book and could not put it down!

It is simply a gem in today’s busy business world – it is written with great integrity and reminds us, business owners, of what we should truly be focusing on in our businesses to be socially conscious. A book the business world needs right now!”

Nathalie Danon, Founder & Director of the VICI Language Academy 

“An inspiring read for business leaders and marketing professionals. Filled with ideas, tips, case studies. Strategic advice in an easy to read, easy to implement format. Highly recommended!”

Kirsty Leighton, Founder & Managing Partner at Milk & Honey PR.
Fellow of PRCA. Forbes Contributor and Council Member

“Every business and every inch of its supply chain is now in a glass house, visible to the world. Corporate spin can no longer obscure the decisions made in your boardroom. In Social Goodness, Claire Burdett shows why your actions speak louder than words, and how to thrive by doing so”.

Douglas Burdett, Principal and Founder of Artillery. Host of The Marketing Book Podcast

“Within the first ten pages of this book I knew I was reading something that had massive potential to shed a light on social media and its impacts on people, business, society, and the world. Claire explains the concept of Social Goodness, pointing out the positive and negative effects of social media with a focus on recent years. Amongst a pandemic, social justice movements and the lessons we are starting to learn about how our choices can sculpt the world we live in, Claire points out specific examples of brands exercising good choices and some very bad ones. We choose what we want to see in the world with our attention and our money.

Around the globe, people are deciding which brands will survive and which will fade away and at the heart of all of it is truth and authenticity. How do we know which brands are living the values they share on social media and ones that are paying lip service to the latest trends? Have a read and Claire will help open your eyes.

And while we’re on the subject, so much of these concepts can serve every person in their everyday life.”

Melissa Steffy

“Claire Burdett explains why social goodness is now a critical part of your company’s strategy for the future. Is your company helping or hurting the future – for its employees, its customers, society, and the planet? Not sure? It’s time we learn about why some companies succeed by spreading goodness, while others simply can’t.”

Christian Sarkar, Co-author with Philip Kotler of Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action,
and co-founder of Wicked7

“This book gives me hope”.

Dr Jacky Collins, Literary Consultant, Event Organiser & Founder of The Newcastle Noir Festival

“Social Goodness is an amazingly put together, thought-provoking business book showing you how YOU as a business leader or ambassador can meet, exceed and grow during societal media and growth today, post-pandemically.

This book helps you to shine and also helps save the world through its thoughtful and well researched strategies.

Social Goodness helps you connect with your audience and customers on a human level and explores and investigates every small aspect that makes up the SOCIAL GOODNESS trend of today. This includes becoming more green with investing, impact-driven leadership usage, handling declines in trust, sustainability and much much more.

Find out how some people and businesses are getting things right and how some don’t and receive negativity from doing so.

This book is a wealth of knowledge and expertise and all business owners need to read this no matter how big or small they are.
Let’s make a change for the future!! Grab your copy now!”

Natalie Horman, All Books Great and Small

“I loved the sound of this book as I work in this kind of area too and studying about it so it is fascinating to me. Social media is always changing and has changed so much even since I have been using it. This book goes into detail about the social element and the super fast moving digital age we all live in now.

This book is a wealth of knowledge and would be a great book for any business to read and understand their audience more”.

Diane Clarke

“This is a fascinating book, bang up to date and very definitely of its time. If you, like me, are hooked on social media and are interested in harnessing the power generated by social media for good, then this is the book for you. Whether you are a small business owner or a CEO of a large company, this is essential reading for the 21st Century.
A really interesting read.”

Daisy Hollands

“A great, topical read for business savvy individuals keen to be up to speed how brands can be authentic in the ever changing digital world. This book is a great tool which can help brands navigate a post-covid world and implement social goodness into their business strategy. It is written in a snappy, engaging manner which draws you keeps you thinking and questioning throughout. It is not just how you can use this guide within business but how you can understand the importance of social goodness within society as a whole. Here we see in-depth discussion on Social Media, consumers needs and authenticity in the digital world.

This book provides thought-provoking content which is essential to understand and incorporate into your brand if you want to be successful in the digital world. I would highly recommend this to brands and consumers alike who are looking for an informative exploration of how the pandemic has had an impact on the digital world.”

Sophie Milner, Books Galore

“Being a business owner can mean making lots of different decisions which can either have a negative or positive effect on your brand.

Running an Etsy shop, I have found this book to be really useful. I enjoy how it takes social media and gives you advice on how to use it to your advantage rather than villainising it. Social Goodness makes you think about your brand and the customers you are attracting and/or the customers you want to attract.

I think it is a book that I will happily keep near by, and flick through whenever I need a little reminder of what to focus on.

Aoife Willis, Owner of Little Book Elf Designs

“I think this book is a great business book that teachers you a lot about brand and business. This book is full of ideas and makes you think about brand and customers, and is well written and researched.

This book is a little gem.”

Rhianydd Morris