Brexit Busters
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Social Goodness - the new way to do business

None of us are happy about the situation with the trade barriers in and out of the UK currently, and we are trying to get workarounds in place. However, we are a very small team and the associated paperwork is astronomical.

Therefore we have had to make a choice, which means that if you live outside the UK and want to get your hands on a signed copy of Claire Burdett’s new book, Social Goodness, we can do that, but we can not supply the branded goods at this moment.

However, if there is enough demand we might well be able to create a second order from the EU factory, and we can obviously also supply the non-product extras, like the ebook and complimentary voucher.

Please click on the button below to fill in your details and we will be in touch to sort out sending you a signed copy of the book, and let you know exactly what is and isn’t possible at the moment and what magic we might be able to weave in the near future.